The MIKEPLAN guarantees you maximum effect with minimum expenditure of time.

Massiv increase in strength, toned muscles, less body fat and a strong back.

Efficient strength training works best from five minutes of training per day. The prerequisites are:

1) The right exercises

2) Regularity

3) Intensity

4) Periodization of the training

the right exercises

The BIG 5

The five basic exercises bench press, deadlift, squats, shoulder press and pull-up (or lat pull-down) are generally known as the BIG 5 of strength training. These exercises are the basis for a complete, highly efficient workout.

The Secret

intense and regular

With the MIKEPLAN you experience what intensity means in strength training and how you can limit it to five minutes. Because that is the exact key to your success. We call it the BIG 5 MINUTES.


The periodization

If you divide the workout into phases that regularly introduce new stimuli to the body, you will be able to advance your development in the long term and with a minimum expenditure of time. If you don’t do it and always train the same way, you will stagnate after a few weeks and make no more progress. If you follow the MIKEPLAN interval, you will achieve the former.

Expandable without limits

Assistance Exercises

On days when you feel like doing more, you can supplement your training with the ASSISTANCE EXERCISES.

The exercises are optional and not decisive for your development. Much more important is that you do the BIG 5 MINUTES throughout the year.

Brutal mental

The positive influence of strength training on your mental well-being has been proven beyond doubt in many studies. We won’t go into explaining the impact on your mental strength here. You’ll feel it yourself after a short time.

The Power of the centre

Core Training

The Core Training to improve body stability by training the muscles in the central part of the body can be integrated into your workout at any time.